Head of Legal & Compliance

Boerge Soerensen

Boerge ensures that legal and regulatory requirements and internal rules are adhered to by the employees and the Bank at all times. The goal of ensuring the greatest possible protection of your assets is our top priority.

Before joining us, Boerge Soerensen worked for over 20 years in the management of Jyske Bank (Schweiz) AG in various areas of responsibility. Most recently, his focus has also been on compliance and risk monitoring - topics that are becoming ever more relevant in the banking sector.

Boerge holds a Federal degree in Finance and Accounting and holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) from the Business School St. Gallen.


+41 44 215 55 21
[email protected]

A few turs in powder snow make me happy. If possible more than a few. On the slopes it helps if everyone involved adheres to a minimum of rules. I also regard such mutual respect as the basis for long-term confidence in my area of responsibility at Globalance. My motto: The most customer friendly implementation of complience topics contributes a lot to our success.

boerge soerensen

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